Meet The Team

Warren Keller

Founding Father

Superintendent at Sequoia Deaf School in Phoenix, Arizona

Growing up, my family moved around a lot but we settled down in New York during my Junior year so I graduated at Rochester School for the Deaf.  After that, I went to Gallaudet University where I played soccer and baseball.

I had my first start with Video Game as a young boy playing Tom Landry Football on PC then that led on to the Madden series starting on PS1.

Anthony Palmer


Athletic Director / Physical Education Teacher at Rochester School for the Deaf

I was born in the middle of nowhere in Upstate New York but basically raised my entire life in Rochester, NY. I went to Rochester School for the Deaf as a student until my sophomore year where I transferred to and graduated at Model Secondary School for the Deaf.  After that, I went to Gallaudet University, where I played football.

I too had my first gaming experience with the Madden series on the PS1 and I can with bragging rights say that I won the inaugural XBOX Adults Championship!

Now you can see where I ended up at!  Back to my home roots at RSD for the last 7 years.  Go Wildcats! 

Trailblazers (Tournament Directors)

  • Arthur Hess: ASL Contest (May 8th, 2020)
  • Yana Novikova: Rocket League (May 9th, 2020)